LaScarpe shoes are developed by Textile manufactured from Tessiltoschi fabrics manufacturer. Tessiltoschi Fabrics Company was founded in 1968. The company truly believes in having satisfied customers
They work on three principles:
1. They create Eco Sustainable textile & clean energy through their photovoltaic systems.
2. They work on Continuous, capillary commercial collaboration and Consistent assistance to its clientele.
3. The manufactured textile is of high quality with outstanding features
To work on the decided principles :
1. The company has on board a team of managers who are involved in specification checking at every level.
2. Company carries out research and analysis on regular periods to ensure best quality product to their clientele.
3. They use a Pedagogy to reach their customers, they first contact the area agents and then to the company manager.
4. A regular follow up, quality audit, approval of product from production till delivery is ensured with the client.
Tessiltoschi presents texpet, a new line of entirely eco-sustainable fabrics made with recycled post consumer polyester. Tessiltoschi firmly believe in the importance of recycling raw materials, as well as a production model that respects the environment.
Company’s texpet line offers fabrics for shoe linings and uppers, in various weaves and the possibility to produce customized prints. All of the fabrics in the texpet line are manufactured with 100% PET yarn, certified Global Recycle Standard (GRS), for the creation of both fashionably and environmentally conscious footwear.
Texpet fabrics can be laminated with Hot Melt technology, one of the latest lamination techniques free of chemical solvents in order to have a completely eco-friendly process. All the fabrics of in our texpet line have been laboratory tested, obtaining high resistance performances.

Testing at various levels

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